"beginner scene: waffles" remake

Hi, I read yesterday evening in a Forum of a game I’m waiting for (FireFall) that they consider waffles as fanart xD THen I remembered how in the old days I tried to render waffles and I failed epically, so I didn’t even want to show it to anyone :smiley: Now here’s my retake , subject is waffles (photorealistic) , created completely in blender.
what do you think? wanna try it yourself? it doesn’t take too long :slight_smile:

Love it - nice!

Like the napkin, looks very real. There seems to be some very hard straight lines amongst the light in the waffle dips, I’m not sure if they are quite right.

Makes me want waffles!

thx for the critique, I appreciate it! better like this?
the loss of detail is due to the lower size of this render, I turned it to 50%