Beginner: Space Simulater

Here’s an experimental game I made recently. I’m very new to using the BGE and know just about nothing about how to use python, but I thought I’d try anyways. Tell me what you think.

space2.blend (637 KB)

Great, but I’m not sure waht it is :S

so what are you suposed to do?

Oops, sorry, yeah, I should have put up directions. I think at this point it performs best in wireframe mode. Just push P to start the game engine.

The command are:
Uparrow: thrust
Downarrow: reverse
Left Sidearrow: roll left
Right Sidearrow: roll right
W: vector up
S: vector down
A: vector left
D: vector right
Space: brings you to a relative standstill in about 3-5 seconds regardless of speed (I know, not physically correct)

The point of the game is to go through all 3 orbiting space stations. As you go through each one a confirmation comes up. When you have done all three a final confirmation will come up saying you have completed the game. Just press esc to exit

That looks promising - any work done since April?