Beginner, stuck with b&w cycles render. Looking for mentor?

Hey Blender Community!

I’m a hobby level designer, and pretty fresh at it. I’ve played with photoshop for years, and recently I have been using some blender tutorials to get the basics.

This weekend I tried this low-poly asset creation tutorial and I designed this fun “Beware” sign in Blender 2.69. I went through the project in Blender Render… then realized my mistake. When i switched to cycles render, I suddenly didn’t see my texture on my item anymore. From there I found a german, but helpful, tutorial that helped me apply both my Normal and Height maps to the image, and I’m happy with how they look in the render. It seems like the texture is there and light is playing off the wood etc. The problem now is that I can’t seem to figure out how I just get the colorful texture (not normal map or height, just the actual color) stuck on to the darn sign. When I go to edit mode my uv map is laying nicely on the color image, but in the render it looks like it’s not applied. Below are some screenshots of how I’ve got things setup.

Honestly, I would really love it if anyone out there would be generous enough to hop in teamspeak or skype (or whatever) and spend an hour or so with me and help me fill in some of the gaps that I think I have due to using a slew of different youtube tutorials. I’m just looking to get this process down so I can practice making a bunch of low poly assets made. Any help is appreciated of course!

Have an image texture going into the Diffuse shader color input

It’s alive!! Thanks so much.