Beginner - switch from 2.76 to 2.79, camera rotation and other issues

Hello everyone!!

I’m sorry because this is probably the dumbest set of questions you pros will ever read, but I’m tearing my hair out. Any help or orientation will be so appreciated, I’m getting desperate and my OCD is kicking in.

  1. In 2.76, I could rotate my view around a point, WITHOUT selecting a vertex. This would work not only in Edit mode, but also in Object and WP modes. Like, the camera would rotate around where my mouse cursor was. This no longer happens in 2.79, and I can’t find how to restore that. I’ve gone into User Preferences and tried both Rotate around Selection on and off, and it only works once I click. For vertices that might be fine, but when Weight Painting, I don’t want to click (and paint!) just so the camera will rotate around where i want to work. :frowning:

  2. Pressing L would select within the seams. I finally figured out how to get that to happen again, but, in 2.76 pressing L repeatedly on the same vertex would further select the outer areas of the seams. Like the next seam-enclosed area would be selected, and so on with each L press. This no longer happens, I keep pressing L, but it only selects the linked within the one seam-enclosed area.

I apologize again, I’m sure these sound petty and dumb, but the camera one is really ruining my day, and I would just like to get back to how things were! Please, I beg anyone, help me restore those camera settings!