Beginner testing out Blender

I wasn’t entirely sure where this would fit best, but after some though on it, i figured, it was pretty much me experimenting with Blender, for the first time, explaining my final decision.
I decided not to make it a wip, because I decided to move on to other projects rather than fix this one here.

This here is my second model made. It is my second and the first I am to post, because I heard the main idea of topology and making low poly designs. My main goal is to create low poly models which can be used in either UDK, Blender’s game engine, and/or finally Unity 3D. my first model had many faces with more than 4 vertices, so after getting a basic idea of wanting low poly, I created this here model.

So yea, I am still quite confused here with a few aspects.

What are the counts of geometry I should be looking to be using in my models?
Where can I co for some more explanative written explanations of topology?
Am I providing the image of my model the correct way? For example this is not a rendered image, because I wanted to show the geometry counts.

Fantastic! Thanks a bunch! I’ll check those out.

And definitely the wip wireframes as well! :smiley: