Beginner trying to make terrain.

I’m trying to use blender to make terrain. I tried displacement mapping and realized it was only when I render it that it actually displaces. Is there a way to where I can make it actually displace the object according to the texture, rather than when it renders so I can export the polygon object? Can I some how use a height map to tell blender to change the flat plane according to the height map? Any help would be wonderful.

Press the Noise button in Mesh Tools

I’ve tried pressing the noise button, but it does not seem to follow the texture. Could I be applying the texture wrong? I have the texture painted as a height map, with black being nothing and white being the highest peak.

you need a nice grid, try subdividing your plane or whatever a few times.

the verts are what will move based on texture in the z direction when you press noise

I tried that (hit subdivide 6 times) and then re-made a hieght map that had a black background and one white squiggly line. I applied the texture and subdivided, then I hit the noise button a few times. It produces mounds sporatically, but does not seem to follow the white squiggly line. Is there something that I need to do to the texture, is it not mapping correctly?

hmm… if the verts of your mesh aren’t directly under/over the squiggly line then perhaps they are not getting moved. some features like roads will probably be best when done by hand.

Yeah, it seems it seems to be completely random, even when I do a height map with a whole bunch of different shades of grey, white, and black it dosn’t seem to follow the texture at all, i’m not sure exactly what i’m doing wrong, or if there is a setting i’m missing.

Are you going trough a tutorial on height maps?

If not then check out the tutorial from the blender modeling page “Modeling with cross sections”.

Follow the step exactly, especially in the section where it says
“…Enter the Edit Buttons with the F9-KEY. With the plane still selected, press the TAB-KEY to edit all the vertices. Select all of them with the A-KEY. Go to Front View with the NUM-1 key. Click one time on the Noise Button. Look at the changes on the screen : Blender assigns a higher height to the vertices corresponding to a bright color of the Height Map than the ones with a dark color. Repeat this action 5 times. You can smooth your landscape by pressing one or two times on the Smooth Button…”

Or could you post your height map? Might be something in there.

I’m not sure how to add an image in these forums. If you want I could email it to you its only 54 kb? I’ve tried your link to, I do exactly how the guy says and it still comes out wierd, mts in complete dark areas, its strange.

Don’t scale the object at all. Add a plane and subdivide it or add a grid. Add a material, a texture, go into edit mode and select all verts. Hit Noise a few times and ThEN scale it (or the noise texture will be tiled like a checkerboard all over the object).


Fligh% was right thankyou. I was scaling the object first then doing the noise and it did exactly as stated, applied it as a checkerboard. So everyone was right I was just doing it all in the wrong steps. Thankyou everyone for your help, now it works like a charm!