Beginner video editor questions

Env: Windows 10 Home, Blender 2.82a. :grinning:

  1. Blender video edit preview playback audio, surprisingly, ignores the selected (default) Windows output device, playing into the Speakers device instead. What do I do to make Blender use the Windows default device for audio output?

  2. In the upper left, the default video edit layout shows an unused pane (which originally was a file chooser that doesn’t always work in Windows). I’ve tried everything I can imagine and cannot delete it from the layout, although I can make it a minimum of about 15 pixels wide. What is the trick to deleting a pane from the interface?

  • Step 1: move cursor to upper left of pane to be deleted until a cursor that looks like a plus sign appears. Step 2: press LMB and hold, dragging upward. If you see an up arrow (upside-down V), then this pane can be deleted: just release the LMB (you can also drag the plus sign downward to duplicate the pane). This trick is explained at time 3.00 in tutorial video YOUTUBE LINK OMITTED BECAUSE NEW USERS CANNOT POST LINKS
  1. When I drag/drop an SVG file from File Manager to the timeline, it either does not appear as an object at all, or it does not playback as video. What is the secret to making an SVG file work like a video of a specific duration? (I’m coming from having used OpenShot which does this interpretation automatically.)

  2. Is there an in-depth beginner tutorial for video editing? I’ve found two tutorials on YouTube that move along so quickly that they are almost useless for learning. They also don’t answer my first three questions. My editing needs are very basic, but I’m finding it hard to learn via experimentation, as many of the menus use terms (jargon) I don’t understand (‘modifier’, ‘meta’, ‘workspace’, ‘lock’, ‘cycle-aware’, …). As a beginner, I get confused easily when navigating and experimenting.

  1. I forget how I got to the video edit mode or layout yesterday. None of the icons seems to allow the video edit option. Can I change Blender so it starts in the Video Editor?

I’ll only add answers here as I get an answer for each question that works for me, so I don’t get into long discussions about how answers didn’t work. If I haven’t edited in an answer as yet, you may assume I haven’t yet gotten an answer that works for me, as a beginner. Feel free to just pick one question to answer, if you are unsure. Thanks to everyone in advance! :smiley:

While I was typing this in, Blender suddenly and spontaneously began to playback/preview the current video and audio, even though I did not click the Play button. Strange.

  1. No idea.
  2. RMB on the separation between windows or put the cursor at the top left of the panel you want to close: the cursor will become a “+”. Drag that + left/right/up/down.
  3. While Blender supports the importing of SVG vector files, I could be wrong but I’m pretty sure that SVG isn’t supported as an “image” and as such not supported in the VSE.
  4. There’s always mikeycal’s VSE tutorial series for 2.8. I remember his series of VSE tutorials for 2.7 and thought he did a thorough job going about the right speed for beginners. YMMV.