I started blender about a month ago so i know im bad. Please tell me what i should do to make my scene better. Like how to make carpet.


well carpet can be made in several different ways
but how you do it is dependant on what kind of carpet you want

what kind?

I guess i want like a low pile carpte something you would see in and office but i will take anything

then I suggest you go with color and bump maps on a flat plane
you can find information in these


First thing I would do is…

Google a couple images for wood textures, and put those on your wooden objects. That will help them out a lot, you’d be amazed the good a wood grain can do. Second, look into a floor. CornDog seems to have given you a good starting point there. Next, look into the walls.

I know that sounds like a lot to do, but it’ll get easier, really.