Beginners and Intermediate Blender Course

I’m creating a high quality Blender modeling course, and I am looking for people interested in supporting it. The course will be Free and aims to take someone who knows nothing about blender step by step to a high intermediate level.

This course will be different from other courses or tutorials by having a project based structure, meaning each lesson you will be given the knowledge to do something and then a challenge to complete on your own. This helps develop your skills faster then just watching videos and copying whats shown, and each lesson will follow on from the previous lesson so you will never not know how to do whats being shown, these are sometimes problems when you’re just starting out.
You can find more information here.

I will be starting a Kickstarter to help get this course made, and so I encourage those of you who are interested to sing up to our ( list or follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get notified of updates and when the Kickstarter launches.

I also want to hear what you might like to see in the course.