Beginners Car: Updated with blend file.

<<< edit 23/11/04 >>> If you can’t see the pictures or download the files, all this is now on my page

Been using blender for a few months now so thought I’d have a crack at a car. This was done with a tute by speedititi which is great, I’m surprised how easy it was really.

c & c more than welcomed, I’d especially like to know more about the creases where doors and windows join etc, I guess you just need to tweak?

Thats the best render I could be bothered with in terms on AA, it all got a bit much for my steam powered 233.


I thought I’d put up these images and the .blend to help others who are starting modelling with cars.

Heres the basic wire render:

and this is it subsurfed by 2

Click here to download the .blend (The car is spread across layers as I have a rubbish computer, have a look through to get the full car)

And this is the tutorial I based this car on. Really good for beginner car modellers.

Not bad at all.
Headlights look a bit like balls of aluminum foil though.

With the somewhat cartoony look it already has, I think rocket engines and maybe a big machine gun on the hood would look nifty :smiley:

Yeah the headlights need sorting out. Turning it into a catoon car is a great idea, might do that. Thanks for the comments.

Heres the link to the tute, its a really good one if your new to car modelling, and have some experience with blender.

Speedtiti Car Tutorial