Beginner's chess rooks - please, give me tips :)

I’m a new user of this forum and I’m also new to 3D art in general.
Could you give me a few tips on how I could improve this still and point out a few mistakes I might have made?
Thank you.

I didn’t put this post in the “Focused Critiques” thread because its description said something about ‘serious projects’ and I’m not sure if one could call this one serious.


40 samples:

Hello and welcome ! :slight_smile: I thing you can add glossy shader… it will make your models more realistic… And about models… not bad, guy ! :wink:

I agree with Vena, also with the glossy don’t forget to add a spec map and a bump map, it will really make a difference.

the lighting is a little dull, don’t be afraid to push it up, also, shadows are important in a scene. the lack of a sharp lighting makes details disapear completly, for example on the bottom of the left piece.

that being said, the modelling is quite good and the texture is well mapped, so, this could turn up great!

Very nice.:slight_smile: The textures look good, although maybe they’re a bit too big. Up at the top of the piece where the “crown” is looks a bit soft. Try adding an edge loop (Ctrl+R) on each of the extrusions near the bottom, it’ll make it look much more crisp.:wink:

Very good, welcome as well. I think the modeling on the crown of the rooks needs help. On the points you shoud Crl+R and add another loop cut to the top to tighten the look a bit more. When you apply a sub serf modifier it somtimes makes it too smooth. Otherwise very good work! :yes:


Thank you for your suggestions. You’re very kind. I’ve created another rook, very similar. I can see that the top of the rook is too out of focus, but other than that, what should the next improvements be, in your opinion?


It really does need that glossy shader. Chess pieces are sanded and varnished. This looks like bare wood.

If focused critique intimidates you, use Work-In-Progress instead. Finished projects is generally for work that the poster is done working on. However, keep that in mind for your next project, don’t worry about moving this one. The key to getting feedback is two fold: 1) ask for feedback, and 2) respond to the feedback you get in some way. You don’t always have to incorporate other’s ideas into your work, but you should at least acknowledge it.

Your doing fine so far. Once you get the rook varnished, try adding a chessboard.

Welcome to BlenderArtists :smiley: