[Beginner's help] How to make a disk with perfect semicircular edges

I have failed for the last 2 hours in making a disk with perfect simicircular edges like this image

I was trying to make a very short cylinder and then Bevel upper and lower faces, but that produces an edge with a different curvature than a semicircular edge. Heeeeeeeelp!

Hope this Helps

cylinder top part select with xraymode then top part assign vertex group and bevel those vertex group n offset

Very kind of you to dedicate your attention, Rakesh, but I am serious about the term “beginner”. Would you possibly explain this line with more procedural detail?

let me know.
  1. Create a circle
  2. Go into edit mode, select everything and hit F to fill the circle
  3. Hit E to extrude and give your disk the right thickness
  4. Switch to Face mode by hitting 3 on your keyboard (not numpad)
  5. Select both of the large circular faces top and bottom
  6. Hit Ctrl+B to Bevel, move your mouse to the right. Hit C on your keyboard to Clamp the bevel and stop it overshooting, scroll up on your mousewheel to increase the resolution of the bevel. Click when happy and then select All with A and remove any doubles with Alt+M and By Distance.
  7. Tab into Object mode, right click on object and Shade Smooth
  8. Optionally, add a Subdivision Surface modifier.

Another way is using the Spin tool.
Start with a circle the same size as you want for the semicircle curve around the edge.
Make sure it has an even number of vertices with one vert at the top and one at the bottom and enough points to make the edge rounded enough.
Delete the verts on one side, but not the top and bottom points, leaving the semi circle for your outer edge. Move this over by the radius of your final shape. Then use the Spin tool to spin it around its origin by 360 degrees with as many points as you want for a nice circle.

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Thank you, everyone! 3 solutions is more than I expected out of good will. Now it worked!

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