Beginner's q: Render passes through Python?


Just a quick question: Is it possible to set properties for lamps and materials through Python? I’d like to automate some of the tasks for setting up render passes, like setting all lamps to “no diffuse”, switching off specular in materials etc.?

Thank you!


It is possible to set the properties of many different parts of a scene/file you are working on.


Only some render passes exist already (z, speed). The others have yet to be coded (after the way they interact is ironed out). Only after that will python have access to them.

I’ve coded a pass script which renders GI passes, material passes, material only passes and line art passes. So it is very possible to access most material properties. The thing is that Blender’s module objects (or whatever) behave very wierd. You cannot just copy a material and set it back later. So if you’re writing a script it become messy. Anyway I should release this script, but time is not on my hand…

Hi Aligorith, thanks a lot for your reply! Alright, that is great to know. I don’t have any experience with Python but I might be able to figure something out with some tutorials. Setting up passes by hand works also nice but it is alot of repetative work, so it would be great if some of that could be automated. :slight_smile:

Hi wavk, thank you very much for your reply and the heads-up! Yeah, I’ve got several different versions of the same scene for the different passes, but it would be very nice to have some of the set-up automated and save those as seperate files. Hey, it would be great if you were to release your script some time. :smiley: