Beginner's Question on frames

I’m trying to animate a lightsaber battle for a final project in my graphics class. I have the lightsaber models and everything down. My problem is that when the sabers clash I want to model the effect. So in order to do that I used a little UV sphere with a halo/lines/stars effect. And it looks something like this…so in the animation how would I make it so that the sphere only appears in the frame where they clash. It’s on a different layer than the lightsabers and camera. Thanks.


on the frame before they hit, insert a layer keyframe on the clash object then on the frame it hits, change its layer and insert another, then the frame before it leaves, insert another, then the frame it leaves, change its layer and insert another.

Oh wow thats awesome, thanks a bunch!

In a kind of related question, how do you fix the camera position on a certain frame.

Cameras, like any other object can be keyframed with “I” (Object/Insert Keyframe), so inserting a Loc(ation)/Rot(ation) key is probably what you want.


Yeah, I was doing the layer keyframes on a tie fighter. A Klingon Bird-of-Prey begins to leave the scene, then a TIE comes in at the bottom. So the BOP pulls its disruptors out of Layer 2 and points them at the TIE, which then yanks an explosion from Layer 2 and pops off to layer 2. Then the Bird-of-Prey flies through a halo with Star and Rings which looks just like a wormhole.