Beginner's question regarding Multires sculpting


I’m still beginner in Blender, and among other things, I’ve started learning a bit about sculpting. But, although I’m beginner, I’m not very young person and from experience I know that it’s better and in long term faster to learn good practices right from the start.

Therefore, I would like to ask those of you who have a lot of experience in sculpting, is there any reason why I should use any other method beside multires sculpting?
I see that a lot of tutorials don’t use that technique, but to mee it seems that maybe it was just because the authors themself haven’t learned sculpting that way when they were learning. To me, multires sculpting seems as a far superior technique to all others.

But well, since I’m beginner, maybe I’m missing something?

I don’t use this feature but I think I have seen mention that it was broken (that would explain why no one is showing/using this workflow). I read through this thread

and it appears that there is progress. So maybe its fixed.