Beginners questions

Hi Guys,

This is my first post to these forums.

I want to design a game character for a game that I am developing. I am new at 3d modeling and I have a few questions before I get too far.

  • I want my character to have interchangeable attributes. Such that each character can have a different skin colour, clothes, equipment and hair. How do I achieve this? I assume that I must make each item individually and ‘stick’ them together before animating (I’m hoping and am sure that I don’t have to make a model for each combination of items! lol)
  • What is the best way to design a mesh so that it allows for ease of animation? I know about quads but maybe there are a few other hints. And also following on from before, do I need to create a skeleton to stick things to? if so, how?
  • How detailed should I make the mesh? I want to be able to render quite a few characters on the screen and the environment at once without killing modest computers. How many verts can a modest computer handle?

BTW so far I have half a bald head and neck. Any help appreciated.



Don’t have too much advice but try this:


Thanks, the website will prove useful in helping the design process but my main question is left out in the wind slightly.

The question of clothes, is this a question I should be writing here or in a forum orientated towards the game engine? I’ll post it in a forum for the game engine but I’m sure someone here knows the answer…

How do you create characters with interchangeable clothes, hair, equipment, faces and changeable colours for each one?

I’m pretty certain that most of the work will be done by the game engine but I just wonder how I should design the meshes in order to be able to ‘stick’ them together. Do I need to design them with the same ammount of vertacies so that they can literally ‘join’? Or does one merely ‘sit’ on top of the other potentially leading to glitches where someones legs may run off?!