Beginner's Tutorial on Character creation - Chibi Assassin's Creed

Hello everybody :slight_smile:
I decided one day to make a tutorial for some people who are new to blender. When i began Blender myself i found a Youtube users who made a bunch of tutorials for character creation and he titled them “Peter’s Massive Blender Tutorials.”
For probably years now he has been inactive on youtube, and only about a month ago i found his work on Deviant art but i won’t call him out because i don’t know if he wants to be bothered or not.

Anyway, since people can no longer reach him and ask him questions, and because he was using a much older version of blender, i decided i wanted to make a character creation Tutorial in about the same fashion as Peter did but with my own spin on things.
I love how David Ward releases his tutorials one part one day at a time and so i began doing that several days ago. To be honnest i’m not 100% finished with the tutorial, i’m in the last stages, but it is almost completed.

So here i’ll put an Image for a Thumbnail, and Part 1 of the Tutorial if you would like :slight_smile:
This is one of my first tutorials i’ve made or at least i would like to consider it to be my first.

Hope some of the newer User’s of Blender can benefit from this and enjoy it :slight_smile:

Annotations to get to the next part are at the end of the video :slight_smile:

Hello Razc,

Thank you very much for making this tutorial.

Before I even knew that this tutorial, I saw the group of images that this one came from. I tried to model off of them by myself, but it wasn’t looking right.

When I first saw your tutorial I thought to myself:

This couldn’t be of much use… I don’t want all of those accessories.

But, boy, was I wrong. This may just be the only tutorial that has helped me Cube Model. The model is coming out just fine.

As of right now, I think I am on Chapter 5 or 6.

I like how you give room for viewers to customize.

Anyways, I just wanted to say thanks for making the tutorial.

P.S. If I had a YouTube account, you would be getting a like on all the videos of the series, and another subscriber. :smiley:

Thanks for making this tutorial! It will be useful!