Beginners tutorial - Python scripting in the BGE

This is a basic tutorial showing how you can use python scripting to interact with logic bricks. It’s good for those wanting to go further than logic bricks and learn the basics of how python scripting for the game engine works. Let me know what you think:

This really pleases me. I, for one, prefer the textual tutorials that really grab at the roots of the subject and this is a great example. Unlike videos, which closely resemble cooking shows on Food Network or what have you, this tutorial isn’t just a recipe of steps to achieve a very specific result. You’re clear and to-the-point with your wording, and the format is clean as well as sharp. I commend your use of highlighting. I wouldn’t change anything about it. Thank you for knowing what you are doing.

good work blengine.

I suggest your next tutorial should introduce the module mode. It is not harder to use but offers much more benefits. ;).

You should also include ‘How to use the blender Documentation’.

Edit: I forgot, nice tutorial.