Beginners Tutorial

(Nimrad) #1

Hi heads

Can someone give a site that has beginners tutorials please. I tried Juicy but nothing came up the server is messed up or something.

Any help would be great.


(mthoenes) #2

Welcome to Blender!

This recently posted link should get you started…

I highly recommend getting The Blender Book by Cartsten Wartman or the Blender 1.8 Guide or 2.0 Guide if you can find the 2.) guide. The manuals will save you weeks of surfing and trial and error learning.
Just think how much you have saved you 3d program purchase.

(valarking) #3

Yeah, I saw one at Barnes and Noble yesterday. Though I think $50 is too much for an older, thinner, book.

Also, , check out the interface tutorials. Though the Novice Course is probobly better when starting out.

(mrmunkily) #4

If someone wants my copy of the blender book they can have it… just figure out a way for em to get it to you.

(shibbydude) #5

My site. it is under tutorials. Just follow some of the ones at the top.