Beginner's WIP Robot in a Kitchen

Well Hello, I viewed many of the post here and saw all of your posts. They gave me many ideal to work on besides the ones already floating in my head. I am doing the “Blender 3D Design Course” by Neal Hirsig. Up to this point I’ve basically only done a couple of things on my own. One of the Project is to design a robot and put it into the setting it will be used for. I’ll post some pics fell free to add any advice just remember please I really only know well I can’t even say the bones. So anyway here is the first project I did with out following the tutorial exercises supplied by the course.

Like I said I only the a little. Once I started on this project there was more and more I want to add. So this is why I say it is a WIP. I want to fix the Kitchen sink correctly, the wine door, complete the room, complete the window, maybe some open shelves on the cabinet wall, and either another decorated tile or area rug under the robot. And Please I won’t even start on what I want to fix on the robot.