beginning from scrap with blender

hey all

im new to graphical design and started reading the blender for dummys book. but so far its all words and im not understanding on how to create anything yet. can someone give me some help to start up with blender

gr jasper

I’d recommend watching some video tutorials which should make it easier to understand the basics.

Try the Blender Basics at Blenderunderground


have a look at:

and happy blending!

ty richard for the quick reply. reading the book gets me confused since nowhere is really explained how to add stuff etc

ltd are those tutorials about the same as the book called ‘‘blender for dummys’’ ?

I have not read ‘blender for dummys’ but they are for noobs :wink:

ty richard for the quick reply

Hey! I was only a couple of seconds later!

hehe ye i saw ltd…and ye ehm im trying to get the hang of blender but really getting confused at the terms: VERTICES EDGES AND FACES

the VERTICES are the points that you see in edit mode
take a look at

mmm looking trough ur toturials u linked but really is already confusing me:S is already messing up my mind…

that is a nice site explaining the basics.

Hi, I too am new to Blender but as suggested there are some great online tutorials. I have just got hold of a copy of The Essential Blender ( I have nothing to compare this to, but it has clarified a few points that can sometimes be glossed over.