Beginning Modeling Final Project - <airplane>

Please assist me with any feedback on my model, keeping in mind that I am an absolute beginner still. I appreciate your help. That was the standard message.
I’ve made the airplane.

Here are my screenshots:

The render:

Wire Frame Mode:

Down Under:

Some points I saw myself:
The body is not symetric. And the tail is a bit long, but It’s a begin. :wink:

I’ve made the model with subsurfed and extruded cube’s (not applied!) I have four parts, the body, the wings, the rear wings and the tail.

Later I will come with more. such as engins.

By the way, I want critics!!!

Welcome to the forums! As far as getting hints for something like this, are you using reference images of actual airplanes? If so, please post the images or a link to them so we can compare and make more helpful suggestions.

From a first glance, the tailplane (?) and the fuselage look a bit ‘bumpy’. I’d have thought the fuselage might be more of a straight tube, and the edges on the tail a bit ‘sharper’, perhaps a bit thinner in width as well. But that is where the reference comes in if you are making a plane that is supposed to be like that.

All the best with your progress.

Thank you for the reply, My friend is a fan of plastic models and I asked him to make pictures of it, I did this because I then have pictures from al sides of the plane.
Pictures are here:
I only used ‘Side’ and ‘Bottom’ because i didn’t get al the pictures aligned.

(I didn’t used this pictures directly but i aligned them first, but photobucket doesn’t accept Psd’s.)






Try using the mirror modifier to get symmetrical results. You also need to smooth your object by selecting it in object mode and hitting set smooth in the editing->material and links panel.

Yea a good way to mirror it, I forgot to set smooth.
I’m going to change te shape of the wings. because the plane needs lift.

and this shape:

Some physics :yes:

It looks like you followed the red contour, but in reality it looks like the green one:

Maybe you should ask him for pictures that doesn’t have a white background. :^)

whenever possible use blueprints, I found this one for you…it’s not great but when using reference pics it won’t matter much.

great site btw…
also check:

Thanks, i follow the red contour.
thank you, I’m not going to use the bleuprints on this project expect for some details but I’ve safed the link of the website and in the future I use it.

I have my final result (Without texture):

The render:

The Front:

The Bottom:

Don’t you think it’s a bit early to stop working on it? At least make some engine mounts and fix the unevenness on the tail fin.

NURBS are an ideal method for modelling airplanes. You just draw an outline of the wing (or tail section), then draw a profile curve of the airfoil, and voila. Below is a pic showing all that you would need to draw to model the vertical tail section. The two pink rails outline the vertical tail (seen at an odd angle.) The black line is the airfoil curve that is swept along the two rails. Unfortunately Blender doesn’t really do NURBS. MoI has a 30 day trial you can download. He was offering the Beta version free for quite a while, but now he’s charging $195 for the full version.

I modeled the airplane in Rhino years ago, but it follows the same basic principles as MoI.

Steve S.