Beginning Modeling Final Project - Lantern

I’m new to the Blender and have completed the tutorials on Beginning Modeling found at the online wikibook Before I continue with the wikibook, I need some feedback from the community about my skill level so that I need to determine my progress so far. Please evaluate my model and these screenshots for the following:

  1. I demonstrate an ability to navigate in 3D space.
  2. I demonstrate an understanding of the basic parts of a 3D model, such vertices, edges, and faces.
  3. I demonstrate an ability to create form in three dimensions.
    Please assist me with any feedback on my model, keeping in mind that I am an absolute beginner still. I appreciate your help.

I have one question about it …
How do i model this:
(Hope you can see something on the picture … I only have my mobile to take pics …)
Its something like a screwed thing …

great model!

try this tutorial for the screw tool

Nice job. I like the lantern.

Also, someone really needs to look into changing those default three suggested questions on the wiki, because of how monumentally stupid they are related to a forum post. :stuck_out_tongue:


The lantern looks very nice.

One thing I would do differently though is separate the model from the scene. That is, use the WIP forum and show screenshots of the blender window so others can see and evaluate how the mesh looks. That would give you more insight on how to improve your modeling.

When the model is to your liking, then add lights and background objects to create a scene. It is often difficult to evaluate modeling in a completed scene.

Best of Luck!