Beginning Modeling Final Project-ship

i’m doing the blender wiki tutorials…i’m sure ya’ll know the drill. here is my project although it lookssort of like a submarine.
i think i did well.
opinions are very much appreciated. :slight_smile:


First off, I’d like to say welcome to Blenderartists. I hope you’ll find the community here warm and welcoming. With that said, lets move onto the model. What are your intentions with this model? Are they to make a game? I assume you’re intentions are for this to be included in a game (since you posted it in the game forums). I ask this because 1.) we try to keep the forums clean and organized, so posts usually get moved to appropriate forums if posted in the wrong area, and 2.) If this is for a game, I noticed you have Subsurf enabled. Keep in mind that Subsurf (or any mesh modifier for that reason) is not applied in the Game Engine, so you will have to Apply the modifier to the mesh before it will work with the GE.

Other then that, I hope you pick up on the application easily and if you need any help, we’re always willing to lend an ear and advice.

Are you sure this is posted to the correct forum? This forum is only for game engine projects. If you meant to post somewhere else, let me know and I’ll move it.

  1. i’m not sure if this is in the right forum i just put it where i assumed it belonged. my apologies.
    2.i was unaware that the game engine doesn’t support the subsurf modifier.
  2. i do plan to put it in a game…one day.when i’m better at modeling.
    thank you for your help. i’m sorry if this is in the wrong forum.

welcome to the forums!!!

The game does use subsurf modifiers but you have to apply them.

I think I said that . . .

sorry i misunderstood again. i’ll try to remember that i will have to apply the subserf when i learn to use the game engine

However, because subsurf creates high-poly models by definition, you probably should not use it when creating game engine models. :no:

press ALT C, to make the subsurf real… then in edit mode go and remove excess edge loops to reduce your poly count.

it is best if you dont use Subdivision modeling, try to keep tour models under 1000 polies.

Sorry BrianH. I didn’t read it.