Beginning Modeling Final Project - Taipei 101

I attach a few screenshots for that project, modeling a building from Taiwan.
Any comment is more than welcome, as I got stuck on few things (especially with some smoothed surfaces that got far too shiny).


At glance I would have to say that you have started well. However as I’m probably as familiar with Taipei are you are with Opotiki, you may wish to post up the reference images. For rendering, you may wish to have more than one light source, a lot of the wonderful details you have modelled are kind of lost in the render, or lead the eye astray.
Overall it is a nice model - I sincerely wish for further updates.

Cool! Why would your first project be the last one?
For making the smoothed surfaces less shiny, just reduce specularity.
You can use AutoSmooth(google) to make edges in angles that are bigger than a specified number.

Fair enough, I didn’t thought about it, mea culpa :smiley:
I based the modeling on pictures from the internet, mainly on those two websites:
The proportions aren’t actualy respected, just enough to make something similar to the real one.

I played around with the autosmooth button, with the spec value, added a couple of light sources. It did improve the result a litle, but still have to work on it (looking like chromium material).

Let’s have a closer look on the details this time :slight_smile:


Sorry for the references, my fault. Here they are, most of them from those websites:
There is no respect in the proportions, just tried to get something similar to the original tower :slight_smile:

I played around with the spec value amongst other things, and it indeed improved a bit the shininess problem, but the result is still very chromium like for now, I still hae to work on it.

Have a closer look on the details this time: