Beginning Modeling Final Project - Violin

Hello. I’m new to the Blender and have completed the tutorials on Beginning Modeling found at the online wikibook Before I continue with the wikibook, I need some feedback from the community about my skill level so that I can determine my progress so far. Please evaluate my model and these screenshots for the following: 1) I demonstrate an ability to navigate in 3D space. 2) I demonstrate an understanding of the basic parts of a 3D model, such vertices, edges, and faces. 3) I demonstrate an ability to create form in three dimensions. Please assist me with any feedback on my model, keeping in mind that I am an absolute beginner still. I appreciate your help.


very good modal for a complete beginner! can you post a wire plz;)

You mean wireframe? How do I do that?
Is there a way I can upload the .blend file?
BTW, this project took me a really really long time

if you email it me i can host it on my website and put a link here

it looks great btw

josh at

Nice violin. I would say that you definitely meet the requirements of the book.

Great work, and welcome to Blender Artists.

Don’t forget to attach the chin piece to the violin. It could be you already done this but due to not optimal lighting you can’t see it. Turn on Ambient Occlusion for example and move your light source depending on the location of your camera.

uploaded, let me know if it works

Yup I downloaded it fine! And that violin looks great! You must of learned a lot from those tutorials!

Welcome to the Forums! Enjoy!

Thank you for sharing this model. I am working on a musical project and this has saved me a lot of trouble.

I know nothing about the tutorial you used, but it looks like you are using Fgons to fill in the surface.

Attached are some images showing the difference between doing a surface the way you have and using edgeloops instead. Look closely at the artifacts caused by the tris that make up your Fgons on the left violin body and compare it to the violin body on the right that was started from edgeloops around the “cut outs” and finished from there.

Also notice how there are “flats” along the edge of your violin body, while the other is smoothly round. Last look at the highlights in the surface, they should be smooth and “flow” over the body without any distortion.

There’s a reason why top modelers work hard to have a “quad only” surface and pay so much attention to topology.

I’ve included the modified blend, hope you find this information usefull.

Edit: You did such a nice job with the basics, that I think your more then ready to move on to a more sophisticated way of modeling. :slight_smile:


violin_edgelooped.blend (235 KB)

Looks good.

I second the suggestion to look into lighting and GI - a good, basic light model is the three-point. Use that, and ambient occlusion, (I’d add soft shadows as well) to make your model look much clearer.

Here’s a good discussion of the principles involved.