Beginning Modeling Final Project

Hello. I’m new to the Blender and have completed the tutorials on Beginning Modeling found at the online wikibook Before I continue with the wikibook, I need some feedback from the community about my skill level so that I can determine my progress so far. Please evaluate my model and these screenshots for the following: 1) I demonstrate an ability to navigate in 3D space.:eyebrowlift: 2) I demonstrate an understanding of the basic parts of a 3D model, such vertices, edges, and faces.:eyebrowlift: 3) I demonstrate an ability to create form in three dimensions. :eyebrowlift:Please assist me with any feedback on my model, keeping in mind that I am still a n00b:spin:. I appreciate your help. THX:yes:Note:I leave the model in a standard posiction until i complete it…:rolleyes:


I’d appreciate it if you would post a link to the page those helpful questions are on, so we can fix them.

Not your fault, Raziel_92, but without actually watching you model, there is no way anyone can honestly evaluate you with regard to those questions. They really need to be rewritten or removed. I thought it was done months ago.

Your model looks good. I can’t tell you how to improve it unless you tell me where you are trying to get to with it. And, of course, since you are following a tutorial, you may not be trying to get anywhere.

This leaves me guessing, or trying to read between the lines, or making possibly unwarrented assumptions about your wishes.

For example: you mentioned “standard position” which applies to rigging. So, I’ll assume you are going to rig and animate this guy. Then I would advise to model the props separately, since the fingers, right now, are curled around the blade handles, and are not in “standard position” for rigging. On the other hand, if you are NOT going to animate this guy, and are simply going to rig him for a static pose, there would be no problem.

Take a look around the forum. Read some of the other HELP! I’m a NOOB threads (check out basics and interface and modeling support forums for these.) Take a look at what others have done in a couple of weeks of blendering, and you’ll probably wind up feeling pretty good about the progress you’ve made.

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