beginning modelling, texturing redender video tutorials

I have worked through these ( very good beginning video tutorials that talk abou the basic UI of blender. Now I am ready to learn the modelling, texturing and rendering. Are there similar video tutorials that walk me through all the features that blender has when it comes to modelling (polygon, subdiv, nurbs) texturing and rendering. I come from maya and already have a good understanding on most of the techniques. I am looking for video tutorials that focus a bit more on where do I find what and how do I do it in blender (e.g. how do I subdivide a single face, how do I select a face, how do I deform a mesh using lattice, how do I exrtude a face, how do extrude along a path etc.) rather than a video tutorials on how to I make a chess figure etc. I prefer video tutorials. If you know of any good ones, please let me know. Thanks.

Hello bonk,
regarding tutorials that will ease your blender life, I’d like to suggest:
Since you are already experienced (Maya) the pdf inside your blender dir should pretty much fill in most of the gaps.
Instead of just doing small stuff like extruding and cutting polys, I’d jump in the deep end and by the time you have done the tuts (link above) you know more than most of us :slight_smile:

Good luck :slight_smile: