Beginning of a dynasty

here is my latest piece rendered with blender

I love it! Reminds me of home…well not really. But nice job.

very good, but don´t like the sky makes me sad lol

Looks excellent! One minor thing - I think it may be a bit too over-exposed in some parts (like the edge of the trailer). Apart from that - superbly done! Amazing atmosphere too

The sky looks out of place.

I disagree, I like the sky.
Absolutely great work on this one!!! 4 stars from me!

yea the materials are top knotch!

i bet this one makes it to the forum gallery!

Great work. Lovley Scene!

Very nice texturing work, and aptly named too. :wink:

Just watch the spec on the top of the caravan. I think it is a bit too intense…


I love the subtle humor and irony. The sky and sun rays are particularly fitting because the ancient chinese dynasties believed they were granted power from the god(s).

Good modeling, although some edges could have been sharper, such as the ones around the window frame and the windowsil. Nice textures!l

Aahh, great image!
The sky is perfect to me, as everything else in this image. Cool style.


The only thing that really catches my eye is the angle of light going from window to chair above the wheel-well --it doesn’t match the sky.

I’m not sure whether the textural disjoint between the front and
side are intentional… but the specular highlight is a bit saturated.

Very, very nice.

Excellent image, Sky looks great to me. You definetelly win the award for best name selection. Bravo.


I like the image and the irony. Great textures. Good choice of accomodations…the eternal Boler dream:)

Wow! this one is awsome! Nice Textures, nice moddeling, nice lighting! Thats what i like. Nothing to crit here, only the blurry border looks not so good :frowning:

but hey, its still perfect! :smiley:

NICE p_O …

Made me laugh.

But yeah, thats is a very nice render, even though it is a bit cartoony, if you know what I mean, it has a nice touch of realism to it, and the sky is great.

One thing that I did notice was that even though the shape of the caravan is all smooth around the corners, you can see the edge of the front face on the right hand side, where the specularity gradually comes down.

Apart from that, nice work.

Wow! Wounderfull work man! I love the feeling it gives me :). The modelling and texturing is great and the blurred edge gives the complete image a nice touch. I like the little flours and grass a lot! What was your render time?

Really great image. Excellent lighting work.


Beautiful, the colours are great!