Beginning of spotlight visible through material

Hi, I hope someone can help with this.
I have a spotlight in my scene and volumetric lighting is on (render with Eevee). At the start of the spotlight it doesn’t look very good when rendering an animation. There’s some flickering or glitching going on. I tried higher and lower sampling settings but it was still noticeable.

So I thought about just hiding the beginning of the spot in a lamp. But now the problem is that the beginning of the spotlight is still visible through the lamp material.

To see if I made a mistake with the material of the lamp, I brought in a new plane and placed it in front of the spotlight and I could still see the beginning of the light source.

What am I missing? I must have done something wrong.

I can not understand. What is the lamp material? In Eevee, lamp can not have any material.

You can upload a screenshot.

I meant the light object I created. Here’s a screenshot that will explain it better then me :slight_smile:

Perhaps I could also upload the blender file if that’s helpful.

What is the problem? Where and how you hid spotlight?

Thanks for taking the time to try help figure this out.
The start of the spotlight is inside the object. But when look at it from the side, you can still see where the spotlight starts.

Maybe your object not closed as well. You can upload your scene.

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Here it is, hope this will clear things up. Appreciate the help!

Light-problem.blend (752.6 KB)

Yes, I see. This is probably a bug. You can report this issue to Blender Bug Tracker.

You can fix this problem with use Compositing. I upload example scene:

Light-problem-composited.blend (805.7 KB)

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Thanks man!
I will report it and have a look at your fix. I could’ve never done that.

@3DRBlender, great question! I have had this issue before, and found the solution. Check out the thread here:

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Thanks for letting me know, will take a look. Glad to hear it is indeed fixable. :slight_smile:

The solution does help for static shots, but not for animation with a camera moving closer or further away form the source. I probably need to become more creative and find some other ways to deal with this in my scene.