Beginning Work on Full-Length 3D Animated Movie

Well, I’ve got the rights to two good stories that I’ve read to be able to turn them into movies. Currently, animated would be better for me than real life. I’m going to use Blender3D and another friend of mine is a pro. with Lightwave. (well, he’s gonna help me when he gets done with his current job - I think :stuck_out_tongue: ) Anyways, was just wondering if anyone out there that is rather good with Blender would like to volunteer? I know it may sound weird asking for vols. to make a movie but didn’t think it’d hurt just to ask. Also, you might be thinking this is crazy for me to do, being a beginner at it, but I think if I can get a good team together, we could do a really good job.

Thanks for reading!

It is very common for someone who is new to the forum (like you, judging by your post count) to come and say ‘I’m making a movie!’. They never give any details, trying to give everything as a surprise. They usually ask for volunteers. The projects inevitably die.
That is why it is highly likely that you will be flamed by people. I would like to politely request that you show some evidence of your work, or tell us what these stories are. That way you are a little less likely (not much!) to get flamed.

OK Thanks! Maybe these will help…

Movies will be base on the stories “The Escape” & “The Secret Mission” by A. Van Der Jagt.

“The Escape” is based on 3 Huguenot children fleeing pursection in France at the time of King Louis the XIV.

“The Secret Mission” is the story of when one of the children return to France to rescue his dad from the slave galleys while also doing government assignments.

Will also be using Final Cut Pro for editing.

Thanks for those, they sound interesting, to say the least. Have you got any experience in animation before? A movie is an insane challenge to begin with, so can we see some previous work of yours? I’ve searched the forum, and apart from here you seem to be asking questions marked ‘Newbie questions’ - no offense, but not promising for making a full-length animation.

None taken.

Like I said in my 1st post, I am a beginner and that will probably be a big setback. I do have experience with editing and most of the other stuff but animation is the thing I have to work on the most. I’ve been getting the hang of it but still am in the “Beginner” level of animation. I’m currently working on my 1st major render and will post it here when it’s done (who knows when I’ll finish it though ).

Thanks for the feedback!

Sounds like a cool project… very ambitious

I would recomend starting with something smaller, a 1-min short or the like, then move up to 10 min.
Not only do you learn to use the software, and see if you have what it takes, but it also gives you the chance to develope production cycles, pipelines, and structure.
These are things you largely learn by trial and error, and a big project is not something that you want to learn them on.

I was planning to do a simillar project, a story told through a series of episodes. But before I do that, I want to make sure that I have the capabilities and skills to do so, through the use of some small test projects.

BTW, what are you planning to do about hardware? To do a descent looking movie of any length, you’ll need considerable rendering power, and even a small beawulf cluster (Probably the cheapest for a small upstart) will run you in the several thousand dollars…

Do you have the script set up? What about some concept sketches. Perhaps you could give some concept sketches and see what people can produce.

I couldn’t help you in 3D anything. Quite honestly, I’m not nearly good enough to contribute in that area.

However, if you’re going to put a soundtrack to it, I could possibly help out there.


Thanks for the feedback guys!

I don’t have much of a script as I was planning on using the books as much as possible. For scetches, I have none. Not the best with drawing but I think I can come up with a storyboard in the not to distant future.

As far as soundtrack goes, do you mean creating original music? Or putting it into the movie? I can do the latter easily.

All that said, I’m going to get my animation skills up and start some scethes for the storyboard.


I could probably help on the modelling, because I love modelling high detail objects :slight_smile: but not with the animation, since I too am just learning my animation.

OK Thanks!

The hardest thing that we’re gonna have to do is people. We need them to look as real as possible and not to cartoony/graphicy. That’s going to be one of the hardest things.


Very ambitious…:slight_smile:
good luck!
3D Animation is no small task…Heck a short film of any sort is no small task. I’ve be at 3D for a little over a year (Cinema 4d mainly) , and it took well over a month of production to complete a 2 min short (and it didn’t even involve character stuff). I pulled my hair out the whole time. Note that if your going for extreme realism, be prepared for serious rendering times, and you should definitely storyboard the short to every last detail, (this is a big reasons small productions fail). If you have a map to the destination, driving there becomes alot easier. And if your looking for people to join in, a storyboard will help sell your idea to them.



Currently working on storyboard - will keep you informed!



Well I can say a few things

#1 You will need an official website with tons and tons of bandwith
#2 You will need to form teams and teams of people
#3 Most people here will help you, but you will need to post 10 times more info
#4 I can speak from experience on this. What you are thinking about is no easy task not in the least bit. The 4-5 min Animated SHORT blender projects is working on has gotten great feedback and support, if not for us getting our site hacked we would have had a trailer out by now. So expect to be disapointed in your quest along the way. Also you will need to devote your life 100% to your idea and YOU will need to be the guy with ALL the answers. From Story, Storyboards, set planning, Character design, prop design, sound, lighting, animation, Rendering tests, Final Rendering, post production and 1,000 other things, you will have to have a precise plan if you hope to even get off the ground.

Good luck and I hope you last longer than most posts like this.


I would do a Search for Movie and Animation in these forums…You will see that there are hundreds just like yours.

I could do some modeling too. I’m pretty good at it. But, me too, is a beginner of animation. I’m pretty bad at making people.


OK Thanks guys!

I will get a site up for the movie and will post most of the info you will need there (storyboard, forum, ect.). I’m also going to get different team sections on the site, so, if you want to help in this movie, check the site and join the section(s) that you’d want to help in. I’ll also post info here to keep you updated on the status and to updates to the site.

Many thanks!

Well, while I wait for my site to get up, I have a request for someone who is willing to help to do our 1st animation

I need someone to create a model of a film camera. An old-fashion looking camera like this I need it to be looking straight at the Blender cam and then turn 90 degrees. I’d really appreciate it!


If you want you can use the blenderprojects logo projector. Since we are OPEN project it is for public use. You are also free to change it for your needs also.

Looks sweet! Love to!


Do you have any idear how many forum noobs decide that they are going to make “a full legth movie” or “a online mmorpg”

the fact is you wont make a full length movie (at least probably not)

could you please answer these questions

A. have you ever made an animation before?

B. How long do you expect this will take?

C. Are your modelling skills and texturing skills as good as you wont the animation?

those are the three questions that i ask myself before i start any progect (Apart from part A.)

well good luck and once you have animated the first 10 seconds il give you a hand