Beginnings of a face

Two tutorials in one:
Edit: I’ve been working on the nose

Could you post a wire so we can see what your edge loops look like? What your edge loops look like define how you will detail the nose etc., but most importantly the nose.

The eyes are nice.

Its a good start. Better than what I have done to date. My last try at Angelina Jolie turned into this Darth Vaderish looking thing, I’ll see if I can hunt a up the Blend for you to laugh at.

Keep it coming!


Here are two wires, with wire option turned on in material settings. How can I do it better?
Level2 subsurfs:

you need to have more defined features, can u show an optimal wireframe?

Optimal wireframe:

Working on the nose and lips:

well affter checking out your images looks like a pritty desent start but i got a few crits on the nose. it apears you kinda ran the nose in to the face i am pry not explaniing it vary good so heres a ew pics from my own model using the same tut it kidna displays y your nose looks funny. and the coners of your mouth looks odd becouse it apears the iner part of the mouth is dug in to the sides of the face this is just my 2 cents i am by no means a pro or even intermeidat but your face looks better then my first :smiley: