Behaviour A.I.

I`m currently work on adding a behaviour system to blender for my own use.
The system is kind of like what is in the game “the sims” in that objects can have actions which can be performed on them by agents/characters.
So a chair might have a sit action/behaviour attached to it , while say a market stall in a village might have a buy action attached.
The action code is responsable for moving and animation of the character.
The character A.I is responable for deciding which action on which object to perform, this works by the character being given needs and by actions meeting them needs, a character can also be told to perform a certain action starting on a certain frame.
It is also possible for there to be social actions which are performed by two or more characters such as fighting or anything else.

Currently I`ve used it to control background characters in a small village , so they go about their daily tasks without directly being animated .

The reason Im posting this on here and on is right now the system is useable for my needs but if i was to release this for wider use , a number of areas need work , mainly the GUI and also right now new actions need to be coded directly into blenders source code, I`ve started work on a python module which would allow actions to be coded in that but this also needs more work before being released.

So if anybody thinks this might be of use to them then please reply so I can judge the demand and if it`s worth the further work.

I know harkyman is working on Blender people , but I see this as filling a different area to that even though it is possible for characters in my system to fight each other . Its not its main aim and there is no support for high level commands from one character to another like there is in blender people, so I think for large scale battles that blender people would most likely be more useful.

I think it could be usefull. Please continue to develop this further. :smiley: