Behemoth-class Terran Battlecruiser(starcraft) WIP

[h1]!Old pictures, look at last page![/h1]
Front look:
Back look:
I’m kinda new to Blender and 3D-design in general and this is my first mesh in its kind-of complete state. I posted it in the WIP section as I’m feeling like something is missing… not counting the background of course:)
It took me some time to make this mesh as I was learning general 3d and blender stuff while I was modelling it. Any criticism is welcome, especially constructive one:yes:
Oh, and I forgot to say Hi:)
Now I gotta go to sleep… yawn
P.S. Sorry about the different image resolutions, just noticed it

That’s pretty dang good for a beginner. I’m not even close to being that good! Great job. For quick background just add some stars in world buttons. It should only take you a minute for the stuff you want. Great job!

Yeah, for a beginner, that’s really really good. I would say, just keep working on detailing texutures. If you want a Lucas looking spaceship, then you focus mainly on textures. Star Wars stuff usually aren’t super detailed models, but the textures bring them to life. The specularity is a little high too…oh yeah, you REALLY want to make it look cool? Go into your texture program and add a layer of just smears and dark grime in the tile joints then smear it all around and lower the opacity. And if you want you can go over the whole body with a big black dirty looking brush and just lower the opacity…try different stuff. :wink:

Ok about the stars thingy - I used a background procedural noise texture(black/white) for the stars for my previous test renders(I’ve got alot of them, mostly testing out looks… if you want I can attach all the test renders in a .rar file, however some of them use textures that are not mine. Anyways I’ve uploaded the last friday version at but it is a far cry from this version… mostly because of the renderer but I fixed a LOT of detail too) but I’d accidently deselected that background button… my bad.
About the textures - I’m currently splitting this whole mesh into seperate objects as this whole thing was made from a single cube with no duplicating and stuff like that as the parts that required it were made in the begining and I obviously weren’t aware of the existence of such tools… I’m learning, though:D Anyways, I’m doing this because 1st - I want to UV-map the textures because, as you can see my normal map just doesn’t cut it at some places(for example look at the “pointy ends” of the Nova cannons(those two things on the sides) -you can see that there’s something wrong with the angle of the map there…), and, 2nd - I’m having problems with the edges that are part of three faces and I guess it will be easier to iron those problems out when they affect smaller pieces of the mesh(not screwing up the whole recalculate normals command…). However, I’m going to remodel the wings-like thingies, as well as the nova cannons as they were pretty badly assembled, no matter the looks. I’m just wondering whether to keep those plating-ressembling thingies on the wings…
About my texturing program - in fact, for this render I used a single procedural texture and a normal map that was made from a bumpmap created in paint(lol, not joking:D). I was thinking about trying out GIMP, however :yes:
Anyways, my current texturing plan is just to make a better, UV-mapped normal map and then stimulate a metal surface… Thanks for the advice, Keith M :wink:
Gotta go to sleep now again… or maybe after an hour :smiley:

Front look:
Back look:
Rendered with the internal engine, no textures. Fixed a lot of detail, still gotta fix even more. I’m just wondering what to do with the wings… they might aswell be left in their current state… I hope that the textures will make up for that. Anyways, it’s the end of the school year and I gotta study for exams and stuff so I don’t have that much free time.

Well, decided to post a new update…
Mostly just added some textures, lights and fixed some detail. Here you go:
Hope you like it :slight_smile:

This is very cool! I’m trying to model some star trek models and I’m not going to get anywhere near that quality… :wink:

What I’m missing is some sort of “window” or command bridge, but you could also say it was just using sensors. hehe

well great model, very detailed textures. The textures just seem a bit repetitive, but I have no idea what you could change. You might want to add some more different shades or even some colored marks on it.

Anyway, great work. :slight_smile:


I’ve googled for some images for that cruiser and I think you might want to add some lights onto the ship.

About the windows - I’m pretty much aware that they are non-existent, don’t worry :slight_smile:
About the picture - it is featured in the Starcraft campaign and therefore I’m pretty much aware of it, but anyways, thanks :slight_smile: I just need to learn lightmapping…
Also, I guess the real “bridge” thing is the object at the top of the “hammerhead” part of the ship.
Check this link:
I can’t see the windows on that object… maybe it’s because of the motion-blur-like effect.
Check this link for a pretty good compilation of Battlecruiser pictures(they also feature the new Hercules/Minotaur Class):
The picture that shows the underside of the DSS Alexander has windows on the underside of the wings, too. I’m not sure if that battlecruiser is a behemoth-class, but it’s one of the little refferences I can get, so there we go :slight_smile:
About the textures - they are not uv-mapped, however, they aren’t using the “repeat” thingy either and also they are just plates :slight_smile:
Anyways, thanks :slight_smile:

Love it! Being an avid Starcraft fan and primarily a Terran player I appreciate it even beyond the excellent modeling!

Salutes Glad to see a fellow Terran these days :slight_smile:
Anyways, added the lighs(actually they are just shadeless white squares) but I guess I overplayed with the normal values and the specularity rating(it’s reflecting stuff like crazy) so I will not post an update now…
Actually, here is a render that I’ve posted at SFM:
This is how it looked like before I completely messed up the spec/normal values and made it look bad… No lights tho

It doesn’t look right. You can only see the top part of the ship. Even in space there is ambient lighting from basically every direction. Looking forward to the next lighting update!

Rendering with AO-like lights atm, will add the renders when they’re finished.
On a side note, looks like the spec level will be left at 0.05… otherwise it looks too shiny from some angles.
Front look:
Rear look:

So far it looks very nice. I myself am a huge fan of StarCraft. My star ship was acutally inspired by SC :wink: :

I was wondering, what method did you use for the engines on the back-view render (the soft blue flame)? The front of the ship also looks a bit odd because the dark blue lights don’t seem soft enough. They glow so hard you can’t really see through them

About the engines - I’ve got normal raytraced lamps inside them with 0.5/1/1 RGB and 3.5 energy(I’m using Yafray, that’s why the values are higher than normal). Also, there is an area lamp with the same values that is positioned at the end of the engine, pointing to the inside.
About the front blue lights - they are not even supposed to be looking like that actually :slight_smile:
Check out the picture that Kiepmat googled to see the difference (I actually explained it in a post that hasn’t been approved as of yet by a mod… it contained links to the starcraft wiki).
BTW, Nice ship :slight_smile:

Allright, finally decided to do something(I’m such a lazy ********) in Blender…
Decided to greeble the ship. I guess the central part of the hammerhead is pretty much finished, as well as the top plates of the “neck” part. I’m not sure that I’m going to greeble everything, however(things like the side plates and the cannon-like thingies on the wings will only be partially greebled). Anyways, here’s an HD render with the blender internal(the normal map is there, however it’s not notice-able in the internal engine, and I haven’t bothered fixing the normals for Yafray).

I really like this one. .Is this the one from Starcraft? With the “Yamoto” gun?

Yes, it is :slight_smile:

Allright, I think I’m finished for tonight(it’s 4:34AM here, and I’m feeling like going to bed real soon). Greebled the side plates of the hammerhead, also the sideplates of the neck part. I guess I’ll also have to improve the texture…
Anyways, any suggestions are welcome, good or bad, I’ll look through them.
Here’s the render:

Allright, I guess I’m finished with the detailing. Might get some more loving in the final version(heck, I doubt that there is going to be a final version, but anyways), but it should be simmilar to the shots below.
Upside render:
Underside render:

You might want to concider bit darker hull overall color. Should bring up the window (and other) detail lights up pretty well.