Behemoth revisited
a previous model I wasn’t fully satisfied with modeled in 2.37,

geometry remains the same, just worked on texture, and updated hair w/ 2.40

I have yet to re-rig (old rig was junk) textures still need tweaking here and there… and what to do with him then?

here’s the old one for comparison


how about a jpeg instead of a gif

you need to change the background to increase the contrase a little, it makes it hard to see him :expressionless:

also, wasn’t behemoth the ancient name for Hippopotamus? you could call him leviathan… :stuck_out_tongue:
here’s a more informative pic… jpeg as requested…

behemoth… as in Final Fantasy 3 monster

I think the jpeg is much better. The first one was lacking…

thanks, it’s alot easier to see, I cant, however, see anything wrong with it.