Just my second post here, but I’m a long time lurker. I learn a lot and see a lot of awesome work by just browsing around, but let me try to share some of mine now and then.

This is work in progress: sculpting in zbrush (the design of the beast is taken from an old 16th century engraving) and shading in Blender.

Trying to bend Blender into reflecting in 3D the look and feel of my 2D illustration work.


You are definitely well on your way! :+1:

Especially since “I can’t draw,” I’m strongly attracted to art which applies 3D technology to the production of art which is designed to look like it was created using some other more-traditional medium. You have some excellent things going on here.

Thank you, sundial! I love myself the idea of emulating 2D with 3D. People around the web are doing mind-boggling things with Blender and non-photorealistic rendering… and there’s still a whole world to explore in that direction.

I would very eagerly devour a tutorial – or, purchase an (e-?)book – in which you further demonstrated the techniques that you are using here.

There have been many times where I really needed “a convincing ‘woodcut.’” But, even though I very briefly tried (my fingers still have not quite forgiven me …) I simply did not possess the means to do it, and could not afford to have it done. (In case you’re wondering, I do not have such a project to hire-out, at least at the immediate moment …)

We are talking about variations on a very simple recipe:

I’m sure you’ll find endless ways of making this work, way before I’ll have time to work on a tutorial (not to say a book!)! Do have fun!