Behind the Scenes

(harkyman) #1

Hi all.

A couple of people had mentioned that they would like to see a behind-the-scenes or tutorial on the Bird in the Forest animation that I’m working on. I spent a little time yesterday compiling this in pdf format. It’s just under 1 MB.


(S68) #2


Thanx for sharing!

BTW does someone has the UV texturing tut available?


(stephen2002) #3

That all is pretty amazing!

(BgDM) #4

Very nice. Thanks for sharing!:slight_smile:


(nemesis) #5

I didn’t read all of it but from what I can see it looks good!
/me was one of the people that asked for the tutorial :wink:

(VelikM) #6

Thats really amazing! Hats off to you.

(paradox) #7

Finally got the chance to go through your behind the scenes. Very well done. Thanks for sharing both the pdf and the demos you have been doing. You certainly have put alot of work on this project and it shows in the quality of your animations. Your pdf was well written and answered alot of questions I had on how to. I really liked the texturing and lighting of your scenes. Keep it up I’d love to see the final project when you get it done.

(Nimrad) #8

I just had the chance to read your BTS pdf. I most say i quite enjoyed it, beautifully written and awsers most of the wanna ask questions.

I admire your patience.

Great work can’t wait to say the final work.

Nims :slight_smile:

(rndrdbrian) #9

Thank you thank you thank you Roland for sharing the behind the scenes PDF with us!

Darned excellent document, and darned excellent modelling & texturing!

Kudos to you!


(malefico) #10


I just have the chance to look at this marvelous document and got completely amazed.

Really awesome work, congratulations !