Behind the UFO: A Lonely Civilisation

Hey guys.

I created this for this weeks weekend challenge, liked the look of it so decided to take it further than a couple of days work. There is probably a lot of things wrong with it, so I want your honest critiques.


P.S In the challenge, I classed this entry as open. No idea why. This is 100% original and my own work.

The textures and the planets in the background are all very nice, but I’m finding it very hard to see what it is I’m supposed to be seeing… :confused:

If I’m correct, the things with eyes are creatures and that rolled up thing their home? the one appears to be looking at a map but apart from that that’s all I can make out. Changing the color on the creatures will make them easier to see, but as it is I’m really confused about the rocks and weirdly shaped curly thing. (which looks pretty cool actually, I’d be interested in an abstract render of that)

I actually just noticed there are more creatures flying towards the curly thing in the background, again make them a contrasting tone so they stand out. It starts to make more sense with them as I can understand they seem to be gathering/looking for something, which fits with the title.

You’re textures are great, but amazing looking textures can be distracting if the picture itself doesn’t have a clear intention.

I agree, it’s a very good concept. The creatures do seem to blend in with the rocks behind them. Personally, I think there’s a better way to fix that than changing their colors though. Lighting could help some, but I think messing around with DoF would do wonders here.

The other thing that looks strange to me is that the planet in the background seems to be in front of the clouds. If this is intentional, I apologize. If not, I don’t really know what you could do about it, but it’s something to think about.

Good job though, I’m interested to see how it turns out!

QS Dragon: Thanks for the critique. Really helps if you can’t work out what the image means, almost will certainly improve it. I’m working on it.

DonSignor: Didn’t notice the planet in front of the clouds, definitely not intentional, though it’s going to be difficult to change.

Hopefully get some time to work on it this week, i’ve got work that is really bogging me down.


Played around with the colours a bit. I think that has also lowered the background character visibility as well though, working on that.

Good? Bad?

That looks much better! It has a different feel that I think really suits an image like this. It’s shaping up quite nicely.