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hemi light, sun light and a simple lamp
I really don´t like lots of refrlections and refractions, but I wanted to make something made of glass, or cristal

this one is a little older
if I not mistaken, only a area light and a sun light and maybe a lamp

Beaultiful picture!

P.S: Põe essa figura no site do Blender Brasil!


very good good work awsome colors! keep it up

Nice materials and good composition - I like it!

Good! Specularity is a little weird.

I like the scene. Colors are good, and crystal material beaultiful.

The weird specularity I think is from the Area Lamp… It the only one that has specularity on:)

another angle

I got inspired but a music clip from “Skank” - the name is “Dois Rios” that Portuguese for “Two River”.
I imagine dhanielc will know wich clip I’m talking about

Quem sabe amanhã eu coloco no blender Brasil

great concept. and great render, too!

Hey, GREAT idea. You’ve got a lovely start on it. First, are you using ray or ztransp? It looks rather like ztransp. If it is z, change it to ray. If it is ray, work with the IOR setting and it will look better. Lower the specularity. Those highlights are detracting, and they look weird. How transparent is it? (What is the alpha setting?) That could be lowered, potentially. Put it in an environment and set the alpha to zero and you’ll find the reflections to be quite nice, I think. Keep it up. Nice start.

It is raytracing
the Alpha for the bird is was 0,06, and I made it higher now
for the flower, was 0.14

If I lower the alpha… I looks too much like… just boring and shiny colorless glass

contribution from Ramp Shaders
higher specular hardness for the bird
higher fresnel for the reflection

realy nice

yes, but this goes to show that we really need raymir and raytransp color specifications :slight_smile: anyway it’s a nice looking render

Yeah Falk i know this song!

Good work!

I definitely liked the first one better than the last one. You’re right - it looks boring somehow after the changes.


Hmm… I can’t tell which one I like best.

hey… i love that colors…

So soft :wink:

Nice work! 8)


the 3rd version is COOL!
i love it, it could be a wallpaper!

Wow, very nice and it really does look like crystal :smiley:

About the color and the bird, have you ever heard of the transclucensy slider in the main button area of the shaders?

Yes 8)

tx for the opinions
My classes started yesterday so I have less free time now, but when I get the chance I can make a bigger render and play with translucensy

Looking good! Congrats!