Being a programmer and an character artist

So, I am wish since the beginning to become a good character/concept artist, I started learning blender with that goal in mind but in the learning process, I felt like blender could be improved for my goal so, I started learning to code, I took a year to get good at python and ended creating an addon which is really useful also Its on sale on blender market but the simple fact that i got obsessed at creating this addon stopped me from learning to sculpt characters for one whole year.

Now I have to maintain two commercial addons which are basically my main source of income, I won’t lie, I love coding in python but I would also like to have time to practice my sculpting skills.

I feel kinda split between these two goals.

Does anyone already passed though something like that?

i didn’t pass through something like that but i’m prepared to, i started learning Houdini some month ago and i did enjoy using a little bit of code ( in vex ) to control particles simulation & other stuff, so it pushed me to wanting to learn python so i can extend my knowledge of blender but unfortunately i got busy with school & freelance stuff.

From my POV learning to code will only push your artistic productivity, because you’ll be building your own tools that can accelerate your workflow.

We have good examples in the community, artist who code like Pablo ( chara artist ), the guy from boxcutter, @pitiwazou etc etc

I have passed though this, and I chose to do programming. And I am very sorry for taking that path. If I had done graphics, it would have been worth the time. But I didn’t, and my time was wasted. Programming is very simple on the modern gaming engines, such as Unity3d, or the famous Godot 3.0.

The hardest part your going to have with doing graphics, is finding the proper education. You can get this without college. I learned from sculpting books, that if I am going to sculpt, then I must learn to draw. ctrl+paint is the best place to learn to draw for free. Drawing I & drawing II. If you do this, at ctrl+paint store you will find sketching video’s, plus rendering videos in the ctrl+paint store. It’s unwise to not buy those, if your going to learn drawing.

After learning that you then *might want to learn how to model people. For this the recommended place is You can get the education needed for free from, but it’s not going to be the best education unless you get the paid videos. Again, this is if you decide to learn drawing. It’s certain the cheapist way.

To learn the basics of sculpting I recommend a video tutorial by: Zacharias Reinhardt. You can find those on gumroad and also udemy. Udemy is where I got mine.

My advice on this part is weak!!! You could scott eaton for learning to sculpt the human body (zbrush).

There is an even more expensive option which I know is very high quality. It was too much for me, can’t buy it.

One thing to consider. Try learning rigging. Coding and rigging work hand in hand, which can allow you to make mega advanced rigs.
Use this to rig your characters and you got the skills to work in a AAA studio.

I do both, and I have started maintaining some paid addons like you do. I have been in the field for a long time, so I was able to gain different skill sets including coding to certain extend. I never felt like I had to sacrifice one over another.

My recommendation to you is to master one area such that you will never feel like you have to constantly study it, once you are there you can do other stuff without sweating about the other stuff. Naturally you still need to keep up with skills and sharpen them, at least it wont feel like you forget them or you get rusty quickly.

you need 8 hours at least of practice and 4 hours to compare your workflow with AAA result… is not imposible but is hard… need some money and sacrifice some aspect of your private life, such parties, etc.

Thankyou for the tips buddys.

As @humanartist mention I want to improve exactly this kind of drawing skill.
since I kinda already master blender itself but I lack proper formation/abstract knowlwdge.

@FinalBarrage i already know how to make some advanced rigs and integrate them with python interfaces, it was a hobby for a while but I havent modeled many characters so i also had to stop rigging.

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