Being an artist is sometimes difficult

I am an artist. But, I am only one artist among countless other artists. Everyone, every profession faces challenges. There is the breaking-in or, entry-level challenges. There are challenges to becoming established and making a living from creating art. And, there are challenges in sticking with it and continuing forward. How about you? Are you having difficult times as well?

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I consider that artwork is a more personalized thing, it means that either you get paid or not you will still have the urge to create things for your eyes only.

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Today I did some research on social media and found out that in most cases users of Blender post about what they just rendered out. I expect around 12% of all people in the world feel an urge, more frequently than others, to create (personality). A part of them have and use actually the opportunities we have nowadays to create and share. So indeed loooaaads of artists. (Are they all artists like you, no right? But still a lot.)

It’s in the nature of people to post on social media what they just created, it make them feel good if there is some engagement, maybe in the form of likes, shares or follow.

Now you know that loads people love to post on social media and websites what they just created. And love to get rewarded for that… why not turn it around:

Instead of having the objective trying to be a recognized artist, why not doing things for those artists who want to get recognition. Empower them, and that can mean a lot of things: templates, assets, platform, app, website, forum, tutorials, give rewards, recognition, etc.

From this point you do something for the artists, just like what you actually want yourself. But now you doing it for others instead of yourself. People will like it. That’s what they want. What I mean is, turn it around (for a while, or not).

What I think what will happen is that what you give, you get it back. It’s in the nature of people to do something back in return. It could be, ironically, that you will get more recognition as artists just by doing this all. This is much easier, and gone is the pressure.

This is actually the job I created myself: empower other artists. And I make a living with it.
Does that give some inspiration?

Update: another perspective is as follows:
Most artists (I am going to generalize again) are not good in marketing. It’s like it’s “against their nature”, and some might find it a dirty word. But actually good marketing is done with a holistic view. Nowadays you need to be authentic, true, have a story and a vision. So, if you still go for being an artists, then dive into branding, marketing, etc.

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Yup, consistency is a must or you will get distracted by someone’s work.

That is the reason why the internet is really going to be toxic. Posting meaningless posts just to be noticed by others.

It is.

Sometimes i wonder if it worth it to spend months on something for a few days of fame.

Yes, that is the nature of people and understandable: A few of our basic desires are acceptance, social contact and status. Which is build in our genes to survive, and we are not really aware of the behaviours. We do it because it excite us: dopamine (feelings of reward and motivation).
I think it’s ok: this way, there is work for me.

But there is also awesome content, right?

That’s true, cliched even. Do you mean you feel tired with challenges as they make you learn new things? I think it’s different with every person and up to personality.

It is the dillema about intrinsic vs extrinsic motivations, after the coming of internet there is a “global community” it is much harder to be the big fish in a pond, and common to be just another small fish in a ocean.
After social media looks like everyone is hooked in the dopamine from social validation, and as side effect, external influence suppress the intrinsic motivation.