Bell Bullitt motorcycle helmet

Hey guys!

I started this as a modelling exercise only using photos (not as “blueprint” guidance) and eyeballing everything. I chose this specific helmet since I really like the design but it grew on me even more while I was working on it so I decided to take it a step further.
There are a few areas that aren’t identical to the real thing and the measurements are obviously not correct since I was eyeballing it but the proportions should be decent. I’m pretty pleased with the final result at least.

A few textures made in Photoshop, colored leather PBR for parts of the inside and the strap (as well as some sculpting) and I used the Velvet shader for parts of the inside. Some dust, scratch and fingerprint maps were used as well, but very slightly since I wanted the helmet to look barely used.

Rendered in Cycles, mix denoiser and post in Photoshop.

Hope you like it!
Take care and stay safe!