Bell Tower

This is a short animation of a bell tower.

I used a two of my photos for the background. This involved using both images as sky textures, with the second image set to influence the horizon by only 50%. Then I scaled the images a bit so that I could move them slightly through the animation. This was really easy with Blender 2.5’s key frame insertion.

I did all of the compositing in blender, including the black and white conversion, and the black and white toning. I attached a screen cap of the node tree.

I do a lot of black and white photography, so I thought I’d try doing something monochrome in blender. Also I’m always interested in doing something architectural.

I got the audio from


wow, that is cool! and you got the clouds moving too, adds a really nice touch :smiley:

having it black-and-white is cool as well, like an old movie…there’s something special about black-and-white images :slight_smile:

Black and white is awesome. Makes you see the shapes and lines, instead of being distracted by the colors. Anyway, great job on that animation, looks awesome!

I can’t pinpoint what’s wrong with the specularity on the bell, whether it’s too large/small/intense/flat. But something is off. The flickering on the tiles need fixing.

Could we see a render in color?

Well done though, and very unique!

Nice !!! Well well done. A less contrast version maybe? Or a more contrasted sky? Clouds usually have some 255 white in real photos.

Sweet! Nice colors and good pace of the clouds.

Thanks for all of your feedback!

I’m not sure why the roof tiles are flickering, but I did have the influence of the normal map very high. I’ve changed the specularity on the bell, so that it isn’t as strong, and also the hardness is increased.

I’ve attached the un-composited render layer for you to see. I made the inside of the bell tower well lit in the original render just so that I had more image data to work with in the compositor.

The clouds are not as bright as they could be, because I didn’t want them to distract from the focal point of the image; the bell tower. I shot my two photos of clouds in raw format and dragged the highlights back from overexposure.

I’m currently rendering the whole animation again with the new settings shown in the attachments below.

Once again, thanks for your feedback!


cool, can’t wait to see it! :smiley:

very nice!

Sorry about the delay. I had to do some uni work.

I couldn’t fix the roof tiles flickering but the specularity is better now.

The new video is here:

Looks cool.
The moving bell looks to crisp for the whole movie though. Have you tried adding motion blur?

Sorry, couldn’t be bothered with the added render time of motion blur. :stuck_out_tongue: (But good idea anyway)