Bellevistat Space Settlement

Hi guys,
So I’m part of the team for a space settlement contest being held this February, and as the resident 3d designer/structural engineer, this is what I came up with. Any thoughts, comments or critiques are welcome :smiley:


It is hard to know what to critique, as I am simply looking at a bunch of toroids that are supposed to comprise a space station.

its a bit generic for a contest. Every space station in sci fi history has been some kind of toroid, lets see something unique! (at least Babylon 5 was a tube, but meh still just an elongated toriod!)

Well, unfortunately the torus configuration is necessary for gravitational stability. It was one of the biggest design problems I had, as I wanted to make something unique, and every proposal in history had featured a toroid configuration. Other shapes look cool, but just don’t seem to work :frowning:

This looks really nice, I would love to see it in kerbal space program. A space-game. It would really fit in there. Good work!

I would have at least 8 tuble running from center out for ease of access, also I was thinking about the empty space being turned into say “Greenhouse to grow food”?, layered with with windows on both sides?
Trekker fan :slight_smile: