Bello Paese (a beautifull town, or , extended, country) video installation

This is my first futurist- vanguard videoart project done using Blender. I must say that for modelling the process wasen’t as smooth as using 3ds max, but on the other side render thank to respower was very quick, and texturing and animation (i needed a very “mechanic” look) was much easier. Also, i loved node compositing editor builded in blender.
I just hope that ngons will be implemented soon, and that defining new splines will be soon possible as a “point and click” process, instead of getting those 3 point splines weird shapes and having to setup everything manually.

Check the animation here:

Here an explanation
Bello Paese i how Italy, is called by some foreigners, misspelling just a bit a nice way to call my country ( Bel Paese ). Italian grammar is difficult, and so is getting our society. The habit of static wealthiness from the eighties and the ninthys is up facing a new global economy , a new global flux of migration. New needs , new challenges. And the society is more static than ever, if not for jobs, becoming more and more “flexible” than everywhere else. And, besides this, people fix their attention on " circenses " , spend money buying cigarettes and alchol promoted on those games, and keep buying, or stealing expensive cars. Something that keeps things a bit working is the tourism, even if price are high , and tourists are not maybe treated as Goddesses. Anyway, even if our culture is a bit forget these days, since the are more serious needs to think about, i’ m quite sure that sometime will help “seeing the stars again” , specially if we will finally become able to take away all this trash. Real and Mediatic . (including this video, of course) Besides this, this video was produced in full Hd using the open source 3d software blender (and some other tricks) This video is a personal work created by Claudio Castelli , produced by Kurage Art di Claudio Castelli . The music is written and performed by Ugo Altamore Produced by Kurageart di Claudio Castelli. Created by Claudio Castelli. Musics are created and played by Ugo Altamore don’t consider this work properly a short… it have to be intended more as a motion paint, where the spectator get lost. This video is intended to be seen on a full hd monitor or at theatre, since they are many details that is impossible to be seen at internet resolution

excellent stuff!
best videowork i’ve seen in blender for a long time.

just a shame to view it in a small heavily packed format, this really has to be seen in bigger screen …


oh thank you so much! I really agree with you!
Watching this work on a small screen is really confusing!
That’s why I uploaded several good version around the net…
Best one, intended for festival screenings is this one (full blu ray quality)

any help in spreading this work will be really welcome, since i’ m gonna move to denmark in september, and I won’ t have a bluray burner - or a printer in order to complete festival submissions…

thanks so much to the comunity!

Full HD enough? :stuck_out_tongue:

Great work… pretty psychedelic… first thing came to my mind watching it was Pink Floyd
for some reason… :smiley:

Futurismo with modern technology ! Great and interesting.

ah yes, i watched the HD version too… it’s ofcourse better already, but this machine is only macbook, so screensize doesn’t much grow :slight_smile: i want this wall size!


i want to good animation wallpaper. How can i get this. and what cost to get this. I can not scharch web. what can i do now.


Is anybody else not able to view this? This looks awesome, but save as says i can’t get a connection, and the one on the page won’t load. poop.

hello …thank you for the compliments!
on low spec machine (or low connection) you might have hard time watching the “online version”.
My suggestion is to get vlc , right click on mp4(lowquality) file and choose “save link as” (this in firefox- mozilla , it must be something similar on other browsers)
then open the downloaded file with vlc.
For a mid range machine, wmv (260 mb version) would be preferred…
If you have high spec machine i recomend full hd wmv version, or m2t file (you can even burn this file on blu ray disc without transcoding, and watch on your full hd home theatre)