Belnder Death !!!!!!!

(crow) #1

i got up this morning started up blender, pressed space to add an object no menu, i went to open up an old file no menu, i reinstalled 2.25 no menu’s, i installed an older version i got the menus but then the lower half of the screen is gone! and just 5 hours ago everything worked fine

(dreamsgate) #2

that can’t be good, did you by chance download a virus? do the rst of your programs work?

(VelikM) #3

It sounds like a driver/hardware (video card?) problem, if it worked then didn’t and reloading/installing the software doesn’t fix it… It may be a virus.

(crow) #4

mcaffee and norton says all is fine ARRG!!

(crow) #5

I just went thru everything i did for the past 24 hours and undid EVERYTHING, and low and behold the problem was solved!! My screen was set to true 32 bit color, i lowered it back to 16 and everything is back ! :o :o :o :o :smiley: :smiley:

now dont laugh at me =(

(dreamsgate) #6

we wouldn’t laugh, or at least not for long. glad everything is okay now.

amazing how the littlest things can mess up our whole world. :stuck_out_tongue: