belnder speed depending on OS?

hi there,

i installed the linux distro ‘zenwalk’ on my computer (dualboot with winXP), to get deeper into the mind of open source.

While testing blender on my new os i recognized a significant slower response when moving an subsurfaced 3d model then in winXP mode on the same computer.

What could be the reason? Linux is slower then winXP? A wrong graficcard configuration? etc…

I am new to world of linux so maybe you can give me more inside which can cause this kind of significant difference.


I think that problem could be related to the driver of your graphics card. Try using better driver suited for your graphics card. I have noticed that this can make a difference.

A number of people have claimed that Blender is faster on Linux.
As was said, its most likely your video drivers are not the best. That’s one area where Linux has a lot of problems.

Nvidia’s linux drivers are excellent… It’s just the ATI side that is a bit lacking. :cool:

Yep. Nvidia as excellent opengl support.
Also be sure to not use a statically compiled version,those are really slow
as they’re just software-openGL based (no acceleration from

thankx, tried with the dynamically compiled one … but the same.

my current os is now xubuntu. i managed a better resolution and other optimizations but still blender is slower in linux than in xp.
i think its the f…ing ati card.

Install fglrx!

i did a complete new ati driver installation (fglrx) and now … eye208, its working!!! am i happy! one step closer to feel comfortable in linux, windows seems much farer off than ever.