Hi everyone, this is shows that Blender is able to render abstracts scenes really easily and quickly.

And an other version:

Here I’ve just played with the particles systems, volumetric lights and the Hue value node into the post processing for the final colors. I’m satisfied because I wanted a kind of submarine imersive atmosphere for a contest even if it looks maybe too noisy while I’ve added a despeckle node and render it with 600 samples into cycles. I think that is due to my lights or closed scene but I’m not sure. If someone have an idea to solve my problem, give me feedbacks. :slight_smile:
(apologies for my english)


I really like it, great picture!

Thanks a lot, Have a better defintion here if you want.

I like the color scheme. :slight_smile: Kinda hard to give any critiques to abstract images.

Yes, cause there are some differents ways to read it, that’s why abstracts scenes are interesting to made.

Thanks for sharing the tools and methods. I’m very new to Blender but switching from other appps.

Very nice atmosphere you got there. Brings some underwater scene in mind. Somewhat calming and scary at the same time.
I like it.

awesome!!! five stars

Scary and it has a nice mood too Congratz!

Hi and welcome into the blender comunity.

IconW, Max-Pieper and 123RTYY, thanks to you guys

Hey, after a long time, I’ve made an animated version here:

it is beautiful

Manoloide, thanks, it’s motivating

The scenes from your movie you posted on your fb page are really nice. Dream and poetic mood… Cant wait to see the whole movie!

Thanks Itza, it’s really kind, but as you probably know, working alone on a short film make the process really long, but don’t worry, it gonna be ready soon :slight_smile:

I like it !

Thanks noh :slight_smile: