Benchmark #2

hey guys here is benchmark number 2.

sorry its ziped, and i don’t have a application (well i do but it refuses to make it small) but i am pretty sure you linux users can open zip files

its a simple file i made especially for a benchmark. it doesn’t use most of the new featrues like transucency, or refraction, however it does use reflection which means you will need to be using Blender 2.32 or above.

just hit the ANIM button to output a file and see the time in the console, alternativly if you don’t want an outputted file then hit render and read the time in the top right.

the quality of the file is not great as its for small size, and the render time shouldn’t be to large either.

please render 2x in a row as often the second render is shorter than the first due to caching and such.

oh also when telling us your render times please give system specs, including blender version (BF, CVS, tuhopuu, if you use the intel optimised version please say so as it uses fast maths which do actually change the final result of the image)

p.s. many people may not have seen it but benchmark #1 is still available here (same rule apply to this file, hit anim)

please state if your result is from benchmark file #1 as we will be expecting its from number 2 only otherwise

they are nothing special, just tiny files to test your computer against other peoples computers

hope to hear peoples results, and system specs.



the thread for benchmark number 1 is here

this will give people an indication of there results for benchmark number one tests. however please note that the links will not work due to it being so old

Thanks Alltaken.
Sorry for pretending I knew what BenchMark 1 was. [You know what I’m talking about].
Anyway I’ll try it on my hareem of machines (Lab machines as well as home machines and I’ll post the results_)

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Using Blender 2.32 on a laptop

I have about 2.7 GHz Pentium M, with 512mb of ram and a NVidia Gfx card (I think with about 64megs ram)


Whoops! I meant 2.32, not 2.23 :expressionless:

1:13.52 seconds

on blender 2.32. (BF release)

2.4 Ghz p4 with 1 Gb ram
Windows XP

40.37 seconds

on blender 2.32 (intel optimised version)

2.4 Ghz P4 with 1 Gb ram
windows XP


System Specs

OS - M$ Windows XP, Home Edition V 2002, SP 1
Processor - Mobile Intel Celeron, 2.40GHz
Main Memory - 512 MB
Graphics Memory - 64MB
Intel 82852/82855 GM/GME Graphics controller


Rad elems: 14700 emittors 12288
Radiosity step 120
Unshot energy:0.100117
added frame 1 (frame 0 in avi): Time: 01:07.71


Will edit when i’ve tried some other modes…

Athlon XP 1900+(1600mhz) @ 1200mhz;
512 mb ram @ 100 mhz;

Windows XP Pro sp1: Time: 01:39.41;

Slackware Linux 9.1-current (some weeks old): Time: 01:33.81;

Athlon XP 1900+(1600mhz) @ 1600mhz;
512 mb ram @ 133 mhz;

Windows XP Pro sp1: Time: 01:15.41;

Slackware Linux 9.1-current (some weeks old): Time: unknown;


Blender 2.32 (official release)

Windows xp professional
Amd 1100 mhz processor
768 mB ram (100mhz)
Geforce 2mx 400 32mb memory

Rendered to secondary master hdd


Blender 2.32 (official release)

Windows XP home edition
Intel 866 mhz
512 mb ram
Geforce 2mx 400 32mb memory

Rendered to secondary master hdd

I wanted to post data from BF2 as well, but the window is closed too quicly to read. It seems quite a bit quicker though.

well, my blender says the file is corrupted.
so I guess I loose.


1:14:62 from the info bar at top in Blender :slight_smile:

which means 1 min. 14 sec. and 62 hundreds of something :slight_smile:

Fedora Core 1 Linux
AMD XP2800+ 2.09Ghz FSB: 333Mhz
512 DDRAM @400Mhz CAS:3.0
FX5600 128MB - Nvidia drivers: 53.36

Official Blender 2.32 Linux dynamic Build…

added frame 1 (frame 0 in avi): Time: 00:57.64

AMD Athlon XP 2800+
512mb ddr 400mhz
GeForce4 Ti 4200 with AGP8X/AGP/SSE/3DNOW!
1.4.1 NVIDIA 53.36

Blender 2.32 official
Fedora Core 1
KDE 3.2

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00:53.25 :smiley:
intel pent4 3.00ghz
1gb DDR
geforce4 MX 440 w/AGP8x 128mb

00:32.63 :smiley:

Powerbook g4, 550mhz, 1gig ram OS X 10.3.2

Blender CVS build:
Built on 2004-21-02 09:42:22 Version Darwin-7.2.0-powerpc dynamic

CFLAGS += -pipe -fPIC -ffast-math -mcpu=7450 -mtune=7450
CCFLAGS += -pipe -fPIC -ffast-math -mcpu=7450 -mtune=7450

Render times:
Render button;
1st render; 03:07.02
2nd render; 03:06.21

1st render; 03:06.32
2nd render; 03:08.30

I did a new render…I guess I had lots of stuff running in background…

now, with the official 2.32 build I got this rendertime:


P4 2.8 GHz, 1Gb DDR-Ram 400 MHz
Nvidia FX 5200 128MB

Blender 2.32
57.45 s :smiley:


35.26s :stuck_out_tongue:

My numbers

Blender 2.32 1:07.37
Blender Intel 2.32 0:45.73

Athlon XP 1833Mhz, 333FSB, nforce2 IGP 448Mb, Win XP Pro

Blender 2.32 1:16.87
Blender Intel 2.32 0:42.41

Dell Latitude D600 - Laptop
Intel Pentium M, 1500Mhz, 256Mb, Radeon 9000 video, Win XP Pro


BF Blender 2.32

Athlon 1200
256M DDR

1700 Mhz Pentium 4
Windows 2000

Render time:
1:32.21 (official 2.32 release)
0:56.82 (Intel optimized version, this is a 62% speed increase!)

First render: 01:19.90
Second render: 01:11.89

Blender: 2.32
CPU: AMD Athlon 2000+
OS: Windows XP pro, SP 1
Video: 64MB Leadtek Nvidia Geforce 4 TI4400
Memory: 2 x 512MB 333MHz DDR @ CAS 2.0
HDD: 2 x 80GB Western Digital w/8mb cache in RAID 0

Blender 2.32 Intel Optimized

40.61 Secs

P4 2.66
Windows XP Home SP1
760 DDR Ram
nVidia GeForce4 Ti 128 DDR 4200 (Not that, that makes a difference)

Comparision Of Results
2.23 BF-Release
Blender Intel Optimized 2.23

Blender 2.32:

First render: 02:27.02

Second render: 01:51.72

Fedora Core 1
Duron 1.2Ghz
512MB Ram