benchmark anyone....?

hey i think 2.41 renders faster but im not sure. anyone wanna do a benchmark test? thing is that i don’t know what kind of file i should use to compare effectively rendering speed - since i’d imaging that the content of the benchmark file is important?

if someone who’s knows about that stuff could post a file, i’d love to render it and post my specs and hopefully others can do the same…

whattaya think…?

Have you seen

I think it would be interesting to make benchmarking of same scene on different Blender versions. It could be done on one computer and the results (rendered pics, rendering times …) could be then compared.

yeah, but i worded my post wrong - ur right on the money - im curious on how different machines are handling 2.4 vs 2.41

…duhhh, we could use the sample blend from eofw…

how can i install the different versions of 2.4 adn 2.41…? cuz 2.41 just did an overwite of 2.4 on my comp i think.

You can install different Blender versions to different folders. For example you could have folders like Blender-2.40, Blender-2.40-optimized, Blender-2.41, Blender-Orange-<date here like 14.01.06>

I have noticed that optimized version ~does~ make a difference. You can find different kind of versions here

ok i used the file from eofw here’s my specs and heres what i got - i posted it there too

Mobile Intel Pentium4 3.2
512mb RAM
Windows XP Home

2.40 - 10.23.26
2.40 AMD/INTEL optimized - 6.42.02
2.41 - 8.37.23

…sooo i giess i can’t wait for 2.41 optimized eh?